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Max‘ Austrian Xmas Holiday Food Diary

2IMG_20121223_1648033th December 2012 

On this day I felt like baking the 2nd best cookies existing on the planet!

…why the 2nd best? Unfortunately, because my grandma isn’t able to do the baking job anymore.  Therefore, if I want the good stuff I need to do the work myself but for sure by the same recipe my grandma used. 😉

This type of cookie dough consists of high quality ingredients only and is 100% free of baking powder! Two pieces of the cookies are getting glued together with rose apricot jam followed by a punch icing coating and the last detail – the nut on the top.  Original taste can only be achieved with exactly the same ingredients! Recipe on request via this blog!


24th December 2012

Christmas Eve – turkey time!

If you want to try this big bird out you may check out the following recipe:


25th December 2012

Christmas Day

Salted and smoked pork meat with cooked kraut and bread dumplings

Guys, I only can say – super delicious, as long as you get good meat from a traditional butcher of your choice!

This meat is getting eaten every year on this date but instead of these side dishes you also may serve mashed potatoes with a „cap“ of roasted onions.


30th December 2012

Don’t worry – this huge piece of meat is not related to any tradition! But if you love meat as I do – your mouth might be watering right now 😉

You can find this quite good 500gr. T-Bone steak in the reopened „High Noon Saloon“ in SCS Vösendorf for 29,90€


31th December 2012

…and again my meat addiction took full control over my body and made me odering XXL spare ribs in a steak restaurant in Donauplex Vienna for 15,90€


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